Drupal to WordPress Migration

Posted on 29 Apr 2013

Keeping up with security updates on Drupal is exhausting. Not because there are many updates, but because the update process is more time consuming than you would want for a simple blog. So as much as I like Drupal, it’s time I move this blog to WordPress (WP) and give that a go.

So far so good. I Had WP up and running in minutes and my only concern was migration of content. There are some random scripts and also professional commercial solutions for this migration, but I wanted to stick with out-of-the-box options (that are free). So here is what I did:

  1. Drupal has a great default front page RSS feed that it publishes to yoursite.com/rss.xml. So the first thing is to go into the admin/content/rss-publishing and change the settings to output as many pages as possible with Full Text. Then save down the rss.xml file for your site. This will give you an RSS file with all your basic posts.
  2. Then on your WordPress site go to Tools -> Import -> RSS (you might have to download and enable the plugin). Then simply load up the rss.xml file you saved in step 1 and voila! You’ve got your posts in WP.
  3. Now go through and fix up any images your content used. These are not imported with this process so you’ll have to upload them into WP manually and edit your articles to include the images instead of broken links.